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Solar: A Stable Investment In These Times Of Uncertainty!


As investment markets and oil prices strike uncertainty throughout the nation, most of us are looking for a stable “idea” to invest our time and money. We have the perfect solution: the sun! What is more consistent and reliable to our everyday than the sun? By harnessing its power we can use those every day benefits such as light and heat to set the way for energy independence and financial freedom.

During these times of uncertainty the one thing that remains consistent is that the sun will rise the next day. In the solar industry we are in the unique position to provide energy independence and financial freedom to our customers by harnessing the power of the sun.

Going solar generates many significant financial benefits:

  1. Solar significantly reduces or eliminates your electricity bills. Your solar energy system can generate up to 100 percent of your electricity needs, eliminating your electricity bill and freeing up more cash every month to spend or invest elsewhere.

  2. With Net Metering, customers in MN can see ROI’s from 7% to 15%+, all depending on your utility and if they offer any additional incentives. If you have Xcel, their Solar Rewards Program can help cover an additional 25% (=/-).

  3. The Federal Tax Credit is currently at 26%, it reduces to 22% for 2021.

  4. With solar, you can hedge against future price increases. Utility electricity rates go up every year.  By generating your own electricity, rather than buying from your utility, you can protect yourself from unpredictable rate increases for the lifetime of your solar energy system (generally 30 to 40 years).

  5. Solar increases the value of your home. Installing a solar energy system is an investment in your property. Studies have shown that homebuyers are willing to pay more for homes that are equipped with solar panels.

  6. Benefits of solar investments aren’t taxable. Unlike returns from more traditional investment vehicles, your financial returns from solar come in the form of monthly savings, not income meaning they are not subject to taxation.



Rachel L


5 Stars

We had a great experience, from the initial sales proposal to final install. MN Solar and More responded with knowledge to my questions on equipment options, and they were able to offer a quicker install timeline than other companies (and followed through on that!). I appreciated the fact they did not push their own financing but kept pricing simple. On top of that, my experience with the whole team was professional and I was kept in the loop at each stage through the Basecamp app and phone calls. When there was an issue with one of the pieces of equipment after install, they immediately came out to resolve the problem. Very satisfied and happy with our new system!


Devin, New London

Knows your solar needs so you don't need to!


5 Stars

Purchasing a house in the summer with solar panels and hardware already attached was overwhelming on what I would need to learn. However, with MN Solar and More answering all questions and concerns I feel well protected by this company.



RML, St. Paul

Responsive & professional, quick install! 


5 Stars

I interviewed 4 companies before landing on MN Solar and More. While the others also had good reputations, I choose MN Solar and More for various reasons: they are local company with stellar reviews, the owner had years of experience in alternative energy, they responded with knowledge to my questions on equipment options, and they were able to offer a quicker install timeline than other companies (and followed through on that!). I appreciated the fact they did not push their own financing but kept pricing simple. On top of that, my experience with the whole team was professional and I was kept in the loop at each stage through the Basecamp app and phone calls. When there was an issue with one of the pieces of equipment after install, they immediately came out to resolve the problem. Very satisfied and happy with our new system!



Kim and Laurie, Waconia

MN Solar are Rock Stars


5 Stars

We worked with Kim, Bridgett and Leah from MN Solar as well as their installation team and were totally impressed with them all. They all told us they would do a great job for us but as far as we're concerned they under promised and WAY over delivered. From not knowing anything about Solar they helped us understand how the entire system works. The best news is that even in this record breaking hot Summer and using the air conditioner a lot we have received checks the last four months in a row from our electric company for overproducing and backing power into their lines! Although originally suspicious of Solar we now love our system and wish we would have done it years ago!

Kristen, Minneapolis

Fantastic experience from start to finish. Highly recommend.


5 Stars

We had an excellent experience with MN Solar from start to finish. Bridget was our first point of contact (via email); she got information from us to give us a quote, and then she set up a conversation with Kim to talk through the proposal and the installation process. We were impressed that our first conversation was with Kim, the owner, and not a sales rep. Once we had ruled down to two companies, MN Solar and SunBadger, we were impressed with the conversation we had with Kim about our decision and the trade-offs between the two firms (service, product, and price). I did not trust that SunBadger could match the service that MN Solar could provide, and Kim made me feel much more confident that the product MN Solar was recommending was the best one for our particular situation. Installation went smoothly and Leah, our project manager, kept us informed every step of the way. The installers were hard working and had the project done in two days, and there was no mess left behind. Randy, the electrician, was out on a Saturday to help troubleshoot when our meter wasn't connecting to the internet. Couldn't be happier and we are producing more electricity than we use. The only thing I would do differently in retrospect is to install the squirrel guards from the start. The pesky little critters are making a home under our panels! MN Solar will be out this week to get those installed for us.

Stone's, Minneapolis

Great Company


5 Stars

We're very happy with our new solar powered system! The folks at MN Solar were a pleasure to work with, from initial planning, throughout the whole project. They were knowledgeable, professional, and always accessible. Their in-house master electrician and work crew were highly skilled, experienced, and proficient getting the project completed. I would and will recommend MN Solar to friends and neighbors interested in making long-term improvements in their world.

Anthony, Maple Grove

Roof solar system


5 Stars

I chose MN Solar after reviewing the contractors available in Minnesota. They were knowledgeable, helpful and cost effective. Kim Benjmen was the person that I delt with and she described the process, her companies ability with their in house trained technicians. I had a real confidence after signing the deal with MN Solar. Then during and after the installation he was involved. All of the technicians were friendly and great to deal with. Randy the head licensed electrician was excellent.

An Excellent Experience End-to-End


5 Stars 

I was very pleased with the end-to-end experience working with MN Solar. With the initial meeting to discuss their proposal the tone of the business came across as very clearly - a well run, fully integrated business that puts customer experience and satisfaction first. In particular, I appreciated the friendly, courteous and professional installation crew. Beyond their experience and competitive price, the other big selling point for me was MN Solar's integrated model rather than subcontracting out their crews. This made all the difference for me as it was obvious they had worked many projects together - both the installers and the electricians. Their communication with my wife and I was thorough and we were never left to question next steps throughout the project. They were top notch and the quality of their work was outstanding. We couldn't be happier with the experience and now to be producing solar power, which I'm happy to say is tracking to MN Solar's calculations.


Far exceeded my expectations


5 Stars

Everything that the MN Solar team did from start to finish far exceeded my expectations. I did my due diligence and engaged with 6 solar install companies one of the big national ones but the rest were all fairly local to MN. Some were pushing their favorite branded equipment and solution, others weren't taking into consideration the full topography of the house and roof space, others treated me as if I knew nothing about solar (my 1st degree is Electrical Engineering and I did my research) But to cut a long story short I narrowed the list down to two, neither of which were the cheapest or most expensive, The final criteria I used to narrow down to the finalist was their general engagement with me in the initial process and how effectively they communicated with me. This is where MN Solar had the edge and now looking back I see that their engagement and communication throughout the process were not just up-front to win the opportunity it continued from start to finish. Kim (salesperson) did a great proposal and worked with me to accommodate a solution with the equipment that I preferred, Leah was the main project coordinator and overall communicator messaging me with updates/responses at all hours of the day and weekends, As for the install, Randy and his team (Tim, Paul, Michael, Gregg, Jon, and John) couldn't have been more accomodating, polite, professional and all had exacting standards. I am glad I picked an 'A' team to work with and would highly recommend.


Excellent Company to Work With


5 Stars

I spent a lot of time researching solar panels for my home and met with at least 4 other companies, none of which compared to my experience with MN Solar. I met MN Solar at the MN State Fair in 2019 and quickly became impressed. All of the employees were professional, friendly, well-educated on solar panels, and took the time to answer ALL of my thousand questions. What is most comforting is that MN Solar is a local company that has their own crews. While other companies say they have offices in MN they really operate out of CA or another location and outsource the work to sup-contractors. MN Solar was very thorough and organized with the project management. Their crews were hard-working, professional, and accommodating to my schedule. The whole process from start to finish was stress free. I will only recommend MN Solar to others.


11830 County Rd. 13

Watertown, MN. 55388


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