MN Solar

310 Oak St S

New London, MN 56273

Electrical Contractor License # EA 758999

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Welcome to MN Solar



MN Solar is fully licensed Class A Electrical Contractor. The same people who install your system are the same people who will service it if needed. We don't use sub's, we use only our own highly experienced people. We are a locally based solar installer with all of our team members living in the greater Twin City Metropolitan area. We're not located in CA, UT, WI, or IL, like so many companies that just sell solar in our communities and then find sub-contractor's to install your system.


Solar Systems are an expensive commitment, one that will pay you back for decades. When you need service, will these other companies be able to respond in a reasonable amount of time? Who do they send? There are a number of great solar providers in the metro area that are always a better choice when making that financial commitment. 


MN Electrical Contractor License: