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Your Trusted Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

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MN Solar is your solar energy supplier from West Central MN to Twin Cities! 


Check out pricing averages at SolarReviews.com, call our competitors, then call MN Solar and find out why we offer the most competitive pricing with the highest of quality installations in MN. We believe in offering our customers the best value for their money!

At MN Solar, we're not the biggest but are always working to be the best! MN Solar uses U.S. Wiremen, LLC for all solar installations.  

There has been a lot of activity in the MN solar market with more and more homes going solar? The advent of summer brings new construction and new projects to our homes, many bringing solar into their personal financial portfolio. Did you know that most solar projects produce returns in excess of 8% annually, with many returning 12% or higher? Solar has a place in your long term investment strategy and MN Solar can help you see those returns. Click "Learn More" to learn more about financing

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Minnesota has seen a tremendous growth in solar, largely in part because of the favorable incentive programs offered by utilities like Xcel, Dakota Electric, Shakopee Public Utility, and more. Also, there is no property tax increase, no sales tax, and the utilities have to pay you the same rate you pay them. As a result of this growth, the utilities are quickly running out of monies, so now is the right time to get started so that you don’t miss out. At the close of the state legislative session last month a bill was approved that modified the eligibility requirements Solar*Rewards program and increased the amount that larger commercial property owners can claim, making it more likely that this funding for Xcel customers will be claimed up quickly.

Xcel has announced the 2019 Solar Rewards Program. Instead of the $0.08 per kWh produced, it will be $0.07 per kWh produced for residential systems and $0.06 for commercial systems.  This will reduce the amount you could receive from Xcel by $1,000's. If you want to lock your project in at the $0.08 per kWh, your application must be in before Dec 31, 2018 along with a $250 application fee. After that, you have up to 12 months to get your project installed. Give us a call for more information.


The Federal Tax Credit (FTC) starts to sunset if your project is not installed by the end of next year. For 2019, the FTC is 30%. In 2020 the FTC drops to 26%, 23% in 2021, and gone after that, unless extended.

MN Solar is here to help you navigate the constantly changing landscape and, get your project installed in quick order. The single biggest thing you can do right now is get your application into these programs and secure your share of the incentive funding. It can make all the difference in seeing annual returns that can exceed 12%. Where can you get annual returns in excess of 12%? The stock market is scary, banks pay less than 2%, and even the best guaranteed annuities are less than 8%. Putting solar on your home will generate returns that will continue for 30+ years. Call MN Solar to learn more and discover what your potential personal returns will be, all with a no obligation quote. Solar is a smart investment strategy!!

With just a little information, we can determine if your project suitable for solar. Once we have your information, who your utility is, what your average monthly electric bill is, to what your home is capable of supporting, we'll sit down with you and walk you through all the necessary information so you. can make an informed and educated decision. 

Financing? We have that! Let us show you how you can put solar on your home with no money out of your pocket, loan payments that roughly match your monthly utility bill, creating a ZERO impact on your monthly budget. It truly becomes a no brainer when you have all the information.

Funds for local incentive programs like Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards are quickly running out, and applications require a free solar site visit to be completed. If you’re curious about how much you can save, don’t delay. Get started by requesting a free quote for your property today!

While others try to be the biggest, MN Solar is always trying to be the best. Call us now to find out how MN Solar can bring Solar to your home or business quickly and professionally. 

MN Solar uses only U.S. Wiremen, LLC for all installations


MN Solar is your solar professional! We take care of everything for you, from the site visit to interconnection and everything in-between.

The Process:

After meeting with us, we do a site evaluation to determine if your home or business is suitable for solar and if it is, we determine where the best location to place your panels to deliver the best possible performance of your new solar system.

Once the contract is signed, we immediately go to work getting approvals from the utility, ordering your materials, and applying for any rebates that may be offered through your utility company.

Once all of this is completed, we schedule your project for installation. Once installation is complete, your interconnection is scheduled, which is usually 1-2 weeks after construction is completed. 

When your interconnection is completed, you are now ready to being producing your own power!

All Solar Installations are performed by U.S. Wiremen, LLC

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Fantastic, trustworthy installer!


5.00 Stars

Our experience with MN Solar and More was great! They were on-schedule, friendly, workmanship was fantastic, and price was competitive! Great people, great job!

Highly Recommended


5.00 Star

MN Solar provided excellent service from the quoting process where they quickly responded to our requests for changes, to the installation where they provided a website to track the progress of the entire installation process. They were very prompt in working with our local utility to make sure that our application was in time to get rebate money. The installers were polite, quiet and kept the installation area clean. We would definitely recommend MN Solar.


310 Oak St S

New London, MN 56273