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Financial Benefits of Going Solar

Solar: A Stable Investment In These Times Of Uncertainty! As investment markets and oil prices strike uncertainty throughout the nation, most of us are looking for a stable “idea” to invest our time and money. We have the perfect solution: the sun! What is more consistent and reliable to our everyday than the sun? By harnessing its power we can use those every day benefits such as light and heat to set the way for energy independence and financial freedom. During these times of uncertainty the one thing that remains consistent is that the sun will rise the next day. In the solar industry we are in the unique position to provide energy independence and financial freedom to our customers by harnessing the power of the sun. Going solar generates many significant financial benefits:

  1. Solar significantly reduces or eliminates your electricity bills. Your solar energy system can generate up to 100 percent of your electricity needs, eliminating your electricity bill and freeing up more cash every month to spend or invest elsewhere.

  2. With Net Metering, customers in MN can see ROI’s from 7% to 15%+, all depending on your utility and if they offer any additional incentives. If you have Xcel, their Solar Rewards Program can help cover an additional 25% (=/-).

  3. The Federal Tax Credit is currently at 26% until Dec 31, 2023

  4. With solar, you can hedge against future price increases. Utility electricity rates go up every year. By generating your own electricity, rather than buying from your utility, you can protect yourself from unpredictable rate increases for the lifetime of your solar energy system (generally 30 to 40 years).

  5. Solar increases the value of your home. Installing a solar energy system is an investment in your property. Studies have shown that homebuyers are willing to pay more for homes that are equipped with solar panels.

  6. Benefits of solar investments aren’t taxable. Unlike returns from more traditional investment vehicles, your financial returns from solar come in the form of monthly savings, not income meaning they are not subject to taxation.

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